Summit County elections 2012: Terry King: Dillon should grow, but keep identity |

Summit County elections 2012: Terry King: Dillon should grow, but keep identity

Kathryn Corazzelli
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Special to the DailyTerry King

While Dillon Town Council candidate Terry King said she doesn’t really have a platform she’s running on, she’s vying for a seat at the table because she loves the town and wants to participate.

“(Dillon) is the first place I’ve chosen to live my entire life,” King said. “I love it, and I just want to get involved with the community a little more.”

Specifically, she wants to help make downtown Dillon more of a “centerpiece,” while still keeping that small-town feel. King said before that’s done, the existing businesses should be talked to, because “we don’t want to push them out of the way,” but, the town also needs to be flexible about what it lets in.

“I think we can blend what’s already here with some fresh, new ideas that would make it appealing to someone who has never been here before,” King said. “We need to showplace the town more and be a little bit more competitive with Breckenridge.”

King has lived many different places – like New Orleans and Key West – which she said give her the experience to help the town “develop and grow, but not lose its identity at the same time.”

And to King, that’s Dillon’s biggest current challenge: identity.

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“We’re kind of in the shadow of Breckenridge,” she said. “We need to distinguish ourselves as a separate place.”

King does like the idea of a “mountain maritime” theme for the downtown since it blends both the mountains and the lake, which is attractive to visitors both in the winter and the summer.

“It’s a good point to push,” she said.

King also likes the recent creation of a tax increment financing district because “you’ve got to have revenue,” she said. “Everyone will benefit from it.”

And King knows about revenue: she was an accountant for 27 years, something she said helps prepare her for the role of council woman. While she still keeps a few clients, she now works as a ski instructor at Breckenridge Ski Resort. King also said she’s good with people.

“I’ve owned my own business,” King said. “I think I can bring a lot to the job.”

King has lived in Dillon for five years, but has been visiting Summit County with her family – her husband, Kerry, and their two sons Matthew and Charlie – since 1984.

“It’s just a beautiful place,” King said. “(Dillon) is more of a community and a place people want to call home.”

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