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Summit County police blotter: Manager vs. employee conflict

SCSO: Manager allegedly assaults employee

A local resort employee called the police after he said a manager hit him with a door following an argument about random drug testing.

The man told police he’d gone into work for a urine analysis and had gotten into a disagreement with a manager about the frequency of the random drug tests, according to a report from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The manager suggested the two continue the conversation outside and then pushed the employee toward the door with both hands, the man told authorities.

Once outside, the argument reportedly continued. When the manager stopped to take a phone call, the man decided to go back inside the building. As he was opening the door he said the manager slammed it on him, hurting his shoulder, according to the report.

A friend who had dropped the employee off for the test and was waiting in the car said he saw the alleged assault as well, the report stated.

When authorities contacted her, the manager said the employee was belligerent when he walked in and that she swore she did not touch him or slam a door on him, according to the report.

She was charged with third-degree assault.

Angry bar patron still unidentified

Breckenridge police have been unable to track down a suspect who punched a blackboard in the entrance hall of a local hotel and bar and then tore up the receipt for his tab.

The man is recorded on video surveillance punching the blackboard and then paying his tab at the bar before “trying to destroy the signature line by ripping up the receipt,” a Breckenridge police report states.

A different man later returned and left money for the blackboard.

BPD: Car window broken at Breck impound lot

The rear passenger window of a car parked at a local impound lot was broken in late September, according to a report from the Breckenridge Police Department.

The owner of the tow company said he had seen the car, with windows intact, two days before, and he suspected the residence of a nearby apartment complex might have been involved in the vandalism.

The damage was valued at $500.

BPD: Bikes stolen from Breck restaurant

Two bikes were reported stolen from a restaurant in Breckenridge Oct. 1.

The owners said they rode their bikes to the restaurant to watch a football game the night before and locked them in front of the business before going inside, according to a Breckenridge police report.

After the game, they decided to walk home, but checked to make sure the bicycles were still there.

When one of the owners returned the following day, the bikes were missing.

They were valued at a total of $550, according to the report.

Officers were unable to find the stolen bikes listed for sale on Craigslist, the report stated.