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Summit Media Labs new in Breckenridge

A new company has come to fill a niche in Summit County. Vacationers, thrill-seekers and tech enthusiasts will all find something at Summit Media Labs in Breckenridge.

The company not only sells and rents photography and videography equipment, but also hires out its staff to film and edit customers’ experiences on the slopes. What’s more, customers can decide just how hands-on they want to be with the entire process.

“Let’s open the box,” said Jonny Rowen, one of the minds behind Summit Media Labs. “Let’s teach you how to use the product.”

In addition to buying or renting equipment, the Summit Media Labs store has an “editing suite” area, where computers are set up with video and photo-editing software, as well as WiFi, so customers can manipulate their own footage right there on site.

The less tech-savvy can hire a guide to follow them down the mountain, procuring the footage, and then edit it back at the store. The final product can be watched downstairs, where six theater chairs have been set up in front of a screen, and customers can show off their video to friends and family.

Rowen is no stranger to Colorado and snowsports, and previously ran the E2 Sports store in Breckenridge. Now, after some years away, Rowen has come back with a new concept, and a new invention.

Rowen invented the CamTrol, a support system for cameras and camcorders that can be used to film action sports and activities. Frustrated by footage too shaky to be watched, Rowen spent three years perfecting his new product, which uses the concept of suspension and leverage to provide non-shaky footage from every possible angle.

Now, he says, sports enthusiasts can share their exploits with their friends, and families can record unforgettable moments of their vacations.

“If you can get that on film, that’s priceless, it’s more than a picture,” he said.

The goal of Summit Media Labs is not only to sell customers the product, but teach them to use it as well. They plan to feature free clinics and workshops to educate customers and potential customers on how their products work.

Summit Media Labs will host its opening day party Saturday at its new location in downtown Breckenridge at 6 p.m. The party will feature drinks, pumpkin carving, and an inaugural video contest, in which local videographers will submit their videos. Winners will be voted on, and prizes awarded.

Rowen’s excitement shows as he talks about his plans for the company. “I’m doing it because I know it’s where I have to be. It was always the dream to be back here in Breckenridge.”