Summit schools beat out state in TCAP test |

Summit schools beat out state in TCAP test

Kathryn Turner
Summit Daily News

Just-released results from the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program show Summit School District students did equal to or better than other state schools in almost all content areas.

“We were very excited to see that Summit School District scored as well or better than the state on 26 of 27 tests,” said Heidi Pace, district superintendent.

The TCAP tests students in grades three through 10 in the subjects of reading, writing and math. Science evaluations are given to grades five, eight and 10.

Summit students scored at or above the state’s proficient and advanced scores in all tests and in all grades except for seventh grade writing, which fell below the state percentage by one point. Proficient and advanced scores were above the state by as high as 18 percent, a feat achieved in ninth-grade writing. Those secondary-education level scores had some “huge gains,” and was what the district was most excited about, according to the district’s director of assessment Bethany Massey. Other notable scores at that level include 64 percent proficient and advanced in 10th-grade science (15 percent above the state), and 53 percent proficient and advanced in ninth-grade math (16 percentage points above the state). Massey hopes those gains are due to teachers’ implementation of “strategic interventions,” or working together to figure out areas that need more focus.

The district’s growth percentile rankings also beat the state median – which is the 50th percentile – in 2012 by 5 percent in reading, 6 percent in math and 4.5 percent in writing.

> District gains in eighth through 10th grade in all content areas.

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> District scores were above the state between 4 and 16 percentage points in math for all grades.

> Breckenridge Elementary School had the highest scores in the past six years in third- and fifth-grade reading, and in third- and fourth-grade math.

> Dillon Valley Elementary gained 16 percentage points in third-grade writing in addition to showing gains in third-grade reading and math scores.

> Frisco Elementary School showed a 23 percent gain in third-grade writing and an 11 percent gain in fourth-grade writing scores.

> Silverthorne Elementary School showed gains in third-grade reading and a 12 percentage point gain in fifth-grade reading scores.

> Summit Cove Elementary School showed a 20 percent gain in fourth-grade writing as well as gains in fifth-grade math and reading scores.

> Upper Blue Elementary School fifth-grade class increased writing scores from fourth to fifth grade.

> Summit Middle School had the highest scores in the past six years on eighth-grade reading, writing and math.

> Summit High School showed gains and had the highest scores on all tests in all grades in the past six years.

Based on results, Massey said writing has been identified as an area to focus on across the district, as well as making inferences in reading.

Last school year was the first the TCAP, a state-mandated test to determine students’ mastery of content, has been administered. The transitional test replaces the Colorado Student Assessment Program, and will be replaced with a new assessment system in 2014.

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