Summit Up 1-18-13: Wishing you a claustrophia-free day |

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Summit Up 1-18-13: Wishing you a claustrophia-free day

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s speculating about small spaces.

Like in “Being John Malkovich,” the weird movie that features half spaces for full-sized people and the weird things that follow in the flick we’re still not sure we understand. Like why it was Malkovich whose mind we saw the world through. And why the filmmakers chose the New Jersey Turnpike as the place where Malkovich mind-viewers got spit onto after they were done with their voyeurism.

Anyway, we wouldn’t say we’re quite claustrophobic, but hey, that photo of them there globetrotters in, what, Nepal? seems to be bearing down pretty hard on us here in this wee li’l Summit Up space, which is rapidly coming to a close as the words flow onto the page.

With that, we’ll wish you a happy and claustrophia-free Friday. Ta Ta!