Summit Up 10-11-12: Livin’ the dream in numerical order |

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Summit Up 10-11-12: Livin’ the dream in numerical order

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s striving to reach new heights in indoor heating.

In the morning our office is as frigid as a penguin’s nose. And we’re not even to the coldest winter months folks, the outlook for us is not looking so good. We really need to do something about it.

At the bare minimum, we’re definitely going to need to invest in a nice pair of bum gloves (ya know, the ones without finger tips) to keep our writing instruments warm and functional, only a few steps above frost bitten would keep them in business.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to type when our fingers are frozen? If you can’t, here’s a little insight into our dilemma. When they’re cold, they don’t really move and they don’t warm up either.

If that didn’t get bad enough, we’ve decided to dub the Summit Up World Headquarters this winter as the Levi Strauss Ice Haus. “Levi Strauss” because those are the only pants we can afford, “Ice Haus” for obvious reasons, and a combination of the two because they rhyme.

We’ve tried to warm up the chilly chambers by utilizing space heaters, but in that regard too, we have encountered obstacles. On one particularly freezing morning (last Saturday to be precise) we had a space heater cranking and were really becoming quite giddy with happiness over this new found heat and then BAM out goes Brain Machine (otherwise known as computer) and printer. To make matters worse, it took us forever to find the breaker, thus delaying our work and allowing our fingers to become stiff with coldness once again.

Taking donations for insulation, surge protectors and space heaters. We out.