Summit Up 10-17-12: Who was that actor in … |

Summit Up 10-17-12: Who was that actor in …

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is wondering how people got by before the Internet.

It seems that either a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop is always at our fingertips, just begging us to look up this juicy tidbit or that random fact. Just the other day we were talking with friends when the conversation turned to a movie from the ’80s. When the name of one of the actors in the flick was disputed, like clockwork everyone reached for the devise of their choice, racing to be the bearer of another useless factoid. It was in this moment we had a sudden epiphany, what if we went a whole day without using the Internet?

Imagine waking up in the morning and just looking outside to see what the weather is like, talking to your significant other or roommate over breakfast instead of checking the late scores from the night before. Wouldn’t that be a trip? It would be like heading back to 1999, when everyone had a Hotmail account with some nonsensical name (hello mr.finky24, don’t judge us, we really liked the first Ace Ventura movie, it was a confusing time in our lives).

Ahh, the good ol’ days, when dial-up was a way of life. You haven’t really lived until you’ve spent two hours downloading a Chili Peppers’ song from a questionable file-sharing website.

Thinking back to those simpler times brings a bit of a smile to some of the more seasoned vets here at the ol’ Summit Up Corporate Suites. Ultimately though, we’d be pretty lost without the Internet. Who remembers how to look something up in an encyclopedia? More importantly, who still has a set of encyclopedias? Alas, we don’t and we know that we’re not cool enough to be trend setters.

With that thought we were about to wrap this here column up when we were trolling along out there in the interwebs and found this awesome site that sells dolphin-inspired power boats, Apparently, for just over $60K you can cut through the water and leap into the air like Flipper. Well that’s all we’ve got. Catch you tomorrow.

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