Summit Up 10-18-2012: Darkening our goggle tans |

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Summit Up 10-18-2012: Darkening our goggle tans

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s nearly dying of happiness now that a ski area in the state is open.

Getting all slip-sloppity on the clock yesterday just barely scratched the surface of our yearning to make turns all day everyday.

We’re hoping for some legitimate snowfall from nature, the unreliable mother that threw away our homework and sold our favorite toys way under retail value while we were away at camp. Mother Nature, cut us a break and let that snow fly!

Meanwhile, we can’t complain about the sun shining on the slopes so that we can start working on the coveted goggle tan. We’re really striving for that two-toned complextion that gives away our commitment to the slopes and our lack of commitment to good moisturizers.

The goggle tan is an art form. It’s custom to the beholder and varies from the lightest hue of pink to the slightly concerning scarlet-dude! Get over your fear of sunscreen-skin cancer-red.

We’re shooting for a hue that falls somewhere in the middle and maybe every once in awhile we’ll smear a little skin protection on our faces, mostly to ease the redness so we can still wear our orange hat.

Everyone wear sunscreen. We out.