Summit Up 10-20-12: Where the WHOPPER sandwich is blowing our mind |

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Summit Up 10-20-12: Where the WHOPPER sandwich is blowing our mind

Special to the Daily/Phyllis Raynor

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s been busy researching a story on Burger King’s WHOPPER sandwich, only to discover that there’s way more to it than initially anticipated.

It all started when we were contacted by Burger King Worldwide to help spread the exciting news that participating Burger King restaurants in the Denver area are once again featuring the premium California WHOPPER sandwich and its WHOPPER Jr. counterpart on the menu.

After the email sat, unloved, in our inbox for a while, we then received a follow-up email asking whether or not we’d received the first one, and could we please help spread the word to local residents?

This prompted a series of conversations to determine our course of action, which ultimately resulted in this column.

Going above and beyond your everyday WHOPPER, the California WHOPPER sandwich is “made with high-quality ingredients like creamy guacamole, USDA certified fire-grilled ground beef, thick-cut hardwood smoked bacon, melted Swiss cheese, ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce, freshly sliced onions and mayonnaise all served on a toasted sesame seed bun. It’s a delicious tidal wave of flavor sure to heighten the senses and enhance your WHOPPER sandwich experience.”

The only thing is – unless you have a magic ring used for summoning copious amounts of food like the now-retired Marvelous Magical Burger King himself – you’ll have to hightail it down to Denver to get one.

Luckily, Silverthorne’s Burger King has its own special WHOPPER on the menu right now – the Angry WHOPPER, made with habanero cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos and crispy spicy onions, topped with “angry sauce.”

“It’s sweet,” Daniela Matias, chief manager of the Silverthorne restaurant, said of the sauce, indicating that it appears to be a combination of mustard, ketchup and/or other stuff. “I love it,” she said. “This is my favorite sandwich.”

Withholding comment, a spokesperson for Burger King Worldwide indicated that the group is not yet ready to talk about the Angry WHOPPER. She did indicate, however, that consumers can expect exciting things from WHOPPER sandwiches moving forward – the return of the Angry WHOPPER among them.