Summit Up 10-25-12: Cutting our coffee mug collection in half |

Summit Up 10-25-12: Cutting our coffee mug collection in half

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s appreciating a good, solid coffee cup.A coffee cup big enough to hold say, two or three portions of joe is exactly how we like it over here at the Summit Up World Headquarters.We like our mugs huge – it’s the American way after all. We mostly prefer them to be tall enough and round enough to not only warm our frigid bodes, but to hydrate us through the strenuous mornings.It’s two or three cups that are generally required to fuel the creativity energy day-to-day. But we seem to have overdone a good thing.You see, we’ve accumulated so many of these large mugs that we barely have the shelf space to store them! But that being said, some of them aren’t really cool enough to make the cut if we were to cut our collection in half. In other news, it finally snowed yesterday! If we’re lucky skies will be white through the remainder of the week and slopes will be covered with some real powder.We’re officially on the final stretch waiting for the local ski areas to open with Keystone and Copper both opening some terrain Nov. 2 and Breckenridge following on Nov. 9. There are lots of great opportunities to get your planks, or board, snow bike, now ski, snow shoe, snow skate – or whatever it is you all like to slide on.MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Umm hello! Snow skates are all the rage this year. All of the really cool kids are doing it.SU: We’ve actually seen a few of these rough riders out there too! We’re perplexed, how does it work?MSUR: It’s a skateboard, ski snowboard, hybrid. We’re all for variety over – we might not get it but we love it. Ride on snowskaters.Snowflakes, snowskates and planks. Do what you do. We out.

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