Summit Up 10-26-12: Extreme weather for an extreme publication |

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Summit Up 10-26-12: Extreme weather for an extreme publication

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s posted up at the bar on these snowy, gray days.

Yup, we over here at Summit Up headquarters have moved headquarters over to the locals establishments, where we are downing the best of the autumn brews and critiquing the bartender’s pour on each new glass put before us.

So how, you might ask, are we still putting down accurate prose without slurryying our worschds?

Well, guessh we schtarted writing before we schlugged the lascht frew brewsch. Now thingsch are gettin’ a bit fuzzzzzy…


OK, so we took that writer off the keyboard. Now, we’re back at it with a fresh, more sober perspective.

Now, we have to share with you the Colorado Department of Transportation’s warning, issued just moments ago: Don’t let your Halloween turn into a Nightmare.

We could speculate on the ways that could happen – or we could leave it to the trusty, imaginative minds of our Millions of Summit Up readers to decide the possibilities.

For CDOT, it’s mostly asking you not to drive drunk, and to designate a sober driver. Don’t want to add handcuffs to that costume! We don’t want to see you in the police blotter, either.