Summit Up 10-28-12: The legend of Lady Silverheels, part two |

Summit Up 10-28-12: The legend of Lady Silverheels, part two

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s picking up right where we left off in the legend of Lady Silverheels in this special Halloween edition.

Yesterday the SU Committee of Halloween Terror introduced Lady Silverheels, Summit County’s most well known beneficiary to the miners at the turn of the century. When we left off, she had become infected herself after attending to miners with smallpox and wandered off into the woods never to be seen again.

Whether correlated or not, upon her disappearance, Summit County was relieved of the presence of a shadowy, city character that had been hanging around collecting the hair from fallen miners (weird, we know).

Much speculation arose after the disappearance of the fair Lady Silverheels. How was she connected to the frightening man? Why did she wander off? And why would she want to take care of the miners in the first place? It seems to us that she must have had some kind of death wish anyway. Nonetheless, the county was shaken with fear.

One rumor was that she had become possessed by the city man, who was regarded by many as some kind of demon. Others came forward and said they had observed strange behavior from Lady Silverheels in the days preceding her disappearance.

One man made the awe-inspiring connection that he had never once seen the lady in the same room as the sinister city man. And another said he stumbled upon the lady after leaving the distillery too early in the morning for any decent woman to be out and about. What’s even more odd, she was rumored to be wearing the same dark grey overcoat as the man and when she turned to look, her face was ornamented with freakish wisps of hair, belonging to, logically, the miners who met death before a smallpox cure.

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Was the lady a victim to the delirium of the virus or was she one in the same as the strange city man? We may never know.

Happy Halloween. We out.

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