Summit Up 10-30-12: Wanting to hear from our faithful readers |

Summit Up 10-30-12: Wanting to hear from our faithful readers

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wants to hear from you, the public. We’re talkin’ about angel alerts, scum alerts and whatever else you want to let loose of in this here one-of-a-kind column.

This note from Silverthorne resident Bill Linfield is precisely what we’re talking about. He writes thusly.

“This morning as my wife headed down the street to go the class at the Recreation Center here in Silverthorne, she observed some strange noise and thumping and discovered she had a flat tire. One of our neighbors from our neighborhood, a total stranger whom we have never met, stopped and assisted her to get the car back home, then even gave her a ride to the Recreation Center. I headed home, took the tire and wheel off and headed to Big O to get it fixed. I stopped at Taco Bell for a bite of lunch, and as I was leaving I noticed a young lady who had pulled into the parking lot there and was emptying out the back of her vehicle. I also noticed she had a flat tire. I watched for a couple minutes as she struggled with her small jack that comes with most cars nowadays. After what had happened with someone helping my wife this morning I pulled up beside this unfortunate young lady and offered to help her with her flat tire. I got it half done when her boyfriend arrived, and I wished them well and left after explaining what had happened. They thanked me, and will no doubt now do the same for someone else. What is that saying about paying it forward?

Karma was kind to my wife and I today thanks to the help of a stranger, and when given the opportunity to pay it back, I knew I had no other choice but to step in and try to help.

That’s the kindness we’re looking for in this here fair county of ours. We out.

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