Summit Up 10-4-12: From glaciers to goofy Facebook groups |

Summit Up 10-4-12: From glaciers to goofy Facebook groups

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s chuckling over some of the goofiest Facebook groups.

No thought is too random and no grievance to petty to keep people from organizing a group. Some of our favorites:

“Students against backpacks with wheels.” We can actually understand this one, we used to have a rolly backpack in high school but the bullies kept kicking it over so we decided to opt for an over-the-shoulder bag after enduring a couple weeks of this torture.

“I secretly want to punch slow-walking people in the back of the head.” We’re LOL-ing about this one and wondering if the creator of this group has ever given into their secret longing for confrontation, maybe to a slow-walker with a plump, bald head would be more vulnerable from an attack from a member of this group, which happen to be plenty with their 21,860 followers!

And finally there’s the “If this group reaches 15k people, Kevin and I will have a pinecone eat-off.” The description of this group reads as follows:

“Five cones each, 30 minutes on the clock. The first one to finish his lineup of cones is the victor (unless time runs out, then the furthest along wins).” Fortunately for Kevin and his pine-cone craving friend, this group only accumulated 1,600 members.

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And now we’re off to craft our own group: “Wrax on wrax on waxxxx” if we get 1,000 members we’ll wash your car. We Out.

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