Summit Up 10-5-12: Dying our hair pink just because |

Summit Up 10-5-12: Dying our hair pink just because

Summit Up

Special to the DailyMark and Judy Anderson enjoy the warm sunshine in Los Cabos, Mexico, with

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that wants to die its hair pink, like Judy’s shirt in that photo up there.

What’s that you say? That a daily column doesn’t actually have hair? Well, we resent that statement. Calling us bald and all. How rude!

We do have hair – lots of it. About five or six heads of everything from luscious dark locks to a short men’s do.

And we’re going to dye it pink, just like Judy’s shirt.

Because why not? In these days of expressing oneself, and being “edgy” and “sharp,” two interesting words for describing being fashionable and chic yet slightly out of the ordinary, we think it’s quite appropriate.

In fact, we kinda wish President Obama had died his hair pink to match his edginess during Wednesday night’s debate against Gov. Romney.

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Both gentlemen showed their personalities in the debate, with Romney interrupting the moderator, and Obama making snide statements – which pink hair would complement.

Kind of like it’ll complement ours!

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