Summit Up 10-6-12: Where we are sick from the first-person-plural |

Summit Up 10-6-12: Where we are sick from the first-person-plural

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is busy taking care of sick people, trying not to get sick itself. Is it flu season already? Should we have gotten a flu shot?

Our better half, who has not taken City Market up on its offer of $25 flu shots, made the mistake of sharing a sandwich directly with a baby – at least, that’s how we think it went down. “Germ, meet host,” the sandwich said, and the rest was history.

We officers of the news were sick last week too, during which time we expended much miserable energy fighting about coughing and sniffling and sitting too close and who should go home already. We accused ourselves of eating the Olsen twins (who are purportedly skinny enough to consume in duplicate) though we are uncertain how the conversation got to that point.

Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to Marina at Teatulia for the tea we have been drinking. Also, a sweet hot Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to McCormick for continuing to ply us with well considered spice assortments, though we have yet to pass a thank-you card ’round the newsroom, or print a newspaper article regarding them.

Two weeks ago, too, we received a mystery package of two apples from Washington, so another Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! goes to SweeTango for the unsolicited apples. Some of us ate one of the light-colored, sweet and tasty apples with great appreciation, while some of us ate the other apple complaining just an eensy bit about the amount of give in its skin. We admit we can be critical at times. We ate both apples while considering the possibility that if we were to be poisoned, it would make for an intriguing news story.

One last alert, this time a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! to the first-person-plural voice, which we Summit Uppers are forced to abide by. Think about it. It was the first-person-plural that caused us to share two apples in the first place – and that is most likely how we got sick.

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