Summit Up 10-7-12: Brushing the dust off our winter gear |

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Summit Up 10-7-12: Brushing the dust off our winter gear

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s feeling the frost from Old Man Winter.

Man was Saturday cold! We woke up and promptly scurried to the bathroom to put on our long johns and furry hat (which, by the way, remained on all doggone day).

Seems to us that winter is more of a close neighbor and summer is an old friend that left long ago. With all this chilly weather we just gotta say: Bring on the snow, we’re ready!

Just out of excitement, you see the cooler weather has this effect that when we’re shivering we are more inclined to go break our skis out of storage to brush off the dust and wax up those bad boys!

Even though we’re still a month away from most of the opening days, we’re definitely establishing our skis and boards as regular living room guests. Our boots are now regular main hall residents. Our hats are now permanent fixtures upon our heads. Our gloves are happy to be back in our glove box on those chilly drives to the Summit Up World Headquarters. And our waterproof pants strewn all across the floor too, are now a frequent sight.

We, the winter people residents of Summit County keep all that’s snow related close to our hearts. Why?

Perhaps it’s the prolonging chill that makes us want to gather in masses. Maybe it’s the red noses on the ones we love (or the ones we don’t so we can laugh at them!). Or maybe it’s the excuse to drink constantly and go out in Breckenridge to people-watch the tourists who think they are so cool outfitted in their fleece and Patagonia puffs.

Whatever it is, there’s a certain buzz that’s running rapid through town this time of year as frosty mornings are slowly becoming more frequent and as local ski areas make their opening day countdowns well known.

That buzz is special to Summit County and those who live here during “mud season,” “shoulder season,” otherwise known (to normal people) as “off season.”

As we wait for the tourist to come pouring in, we get an exclusive sneak preview to the snowy peaks in October. It’s special and really pretty freaking cool to watch the peaks accumulate the snow.

Ode to all that’s snow:

Here it’s always snowing

In Summit, we’re all knowing!

Watch those coming from afar

To fund our tabs down at the bar

Dusting off our winter gear

Ski season is so near!!

Guess we better stock the beer …

Ski bums, locals and tourists too

Come to paradise – here’s your cue.

Going to grab our jacket. We out.