Summit Up 10-8-12: Turning the BEAT around – for Stephanie |

Summit Up 10-8-12: Turning the BEAT around – for Stephanie

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is trying to resurrect the Macarena and other great historic dances lost to the tides of the changing fads.

After all, was there ever a greater time for America than the days when crowds of people would randomly drop whatever they were doing to hop around and alternate putting their hands on their heads, hips and right out in front of them? Just think if the Macarena was still a thing, anybody in the world would be able to jump in on a flash mob without having to brush up on their dance skills and pour over YouTube videos before hand.

The Thriller dance, the Robot and the Electric Slide are also on our list of dances that should never have gone out of style.

And if you’re going to start down the list of the best boogies of all time, what better place to do it than the upcoming Turn the BEAT Around dance party? It’s a dancing revolution for an important solution!


SUMMIT UP: Well, the proceeds from the party will support the good folks over at Advocates for Victims of Assault.

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It’s Friday night at Beaver Run Resort in Breck. All the deets you need are online at or on today’s PAGE 6, whichever’s easier.

Be there or be square (dancing)! We out.

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