Summit Up 11-10-12: Where words trip us up |

Summit Up 11-10-12: Where words trip us up

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is wishing it had a posse of Carolingian scribes to hand-letter the paper when the servers go down so that we, under the fearless leadership of our interim interim managing editor – because our interim managing editor is away and we are still awaiting an editor – might be able to produce the paper without the non-stop seven-days-a-week workload or midnight marathons rife with server shutdowns and late ad sales and an errant puppy pooping in the boss’s office.

We are loath to loathe our jobs, because jobs are at a premium. No, it is Johannes Gutenberg we loathe, for taking from us the tactile craft of copying, letter-by-letter, the words we would communicate. Think of the painstaking care that entails – so very different from the rushy-rush-rush and hustle bustle that occurs daily under the roof of the inside-out dishwasher building in Frisco.

We allude to the fact that the speed of operations causes the correct word to sometimes elude us. We are feeling the effect of all the work, hoping soon to affect a change – and we desire plaques, not plagues, for our efforts.

As discrete individuals writing a not-so-discreet collective column, we complement each other well, but still find that compliments go a long way – so keep ’em coming if you would, Millions of Summit Up Readers. We elicit your support – anything short of illicit, mind you. Use stationery, if you like; we’ll remain stationary to receive it.

We Summit Uppers incite rarely, cite almost always, work onsite when possible, in spite of the long nights, to produce Summit County’s premier daily paper, which covers nearly all premieres, and everything else besides.

We know to use a capital when referring to the Capitol – it’s a big deal to get its title right, as it is when referring to a principal, the principle administrator of a school.

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Our course, mistakes do happen, and we are not wont to spend too, too much time worrying about them. After all we are writing the first draft of history, as our once-editor Alex Miller used to say, so on the occasion that an erroneous word passed us by – well, that is a thing of the past after all.

And now here’s a big shout out to Dan Taylor, the Cicero of Summit County, for inspiring this word play.

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