Summit Up 11-11-12: The key to staying healthy this winter |

Summit Up 11-11-12: The key to staying healthy this winter

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s here to remind the masses to wash their hands: It’s flu season everybody!What to do in the event that a spouse, friend or co-worker starts to show symptoms of something (even the smallest sniffle or throat-clearing cough could be considered a tell-tale sign):1. Stay away, far away. In desperate times such as this, hurting someone’s feelings should drop to the bottom of your priority list. If someone you know is sick, run like mad as far as you can get! (Telephone calls are still permitted).2. Make a bottle of hand sanitizer a permanent fixture to your bed table, desk, ski boot or whatever – actually, we think it’s best to fasten it around your neck in case of emergencies! Have access to this germ-killing-magic-stuff 24/7.3. Be weary of out-of-towners. In this case, they might not even be showing symptoms, but it’s a well known fact that visitors are carriers of whatever germ is floating around their neck of the woods! After contact with an out-of-towner, two squirts of hand sanitizer should be used. If they look tired, then use three. 4. Out-of-towners: Be weary of the locals! We might be tough mountain folk, sure, but when we get sick MAN do we get end-of-the-world kind of sick. And rarely do we call into work while we’re weazing and coughing so while you’re visiting the local shops and restaurants, purchasing a pair of rubber gloves and doctor’s face mask wouldn’t be considered too cautious an action.5. Wash down every meal with a Moscow Mule – doctor’s orders! The refreshing combination of ginger beer, lime and vodka are a catalyist for feeling great in an instant. Not to mention the copper mug that this cure-all-drink is typically served in, helps calm the nerves as well as any bad feelings you might have about being sick. By following these steps, we ensure your health to prevail this flu season! A word to the wise though, if you’re sick just stay home for crying out loud!!Keep your distance for resistance to the rudest germs. We out.

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