Summit Up 11-15-12: Where we’re singing Ullr’s praises |

Summit Up 11-15-12: Where we’re singing Ullr’s praises

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s singing the praises of Ullr hoping to see a little snow. It’s the time of year right?All together now, to the tune of your favorite German, folk song:It’s a name avid skiers throw around,When there’s no snow to be found,Too brown is our thirsty ground!Ullr, you Nordic mythical thing…Bring us snow, and we’ll really sing.More terrain is what we need,The weather report, every morning is what we read,Only seeing partly cloudy skies, makes the tear in our eyes rise.We desire a foot or more and without it, nice weather is just a bore!Snow! Snow! Ullr, such a crueler ruler.Snow! Snow!Fresh powder is what’s cooler.Skiing, riding whatever you doGear up and grab your crew.Days on the mountain are fresh,But only with snow – and more! Not less!Without it, we’re in obvious distress…Have we made it clear to you, that we’re the types that like it cold?It’s when the mountain’s covered tops where white is gold.Snow! Snow!Ullr, cut it out,Snow is what it’s all about!And it’s on that note that, we out.

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