Summit Up 11-17-12: Where our ghosts are everyday history |

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Summit Up 11-17-12: Where our ghosts are everyday history

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is thinking about how, on this day in history, Nov. 17, 1950, Roberta Peters made her debut at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City by filling in for the lead in Mozart’s “Don Giovanni.” (Yes, Elmer W. Koneman, this factoid is for you.)

And now, some Angel Alerts!! Angel Alerts!!:

1. To Elmer for his passionate columns announcing Metropolitan Opera screenings at CMC Breck.

2. To History, for giving us foundation.

3. To the Briggle House, the former home of our quirky, musically inclined and wealthy Breckenridge forbears that is restored and enjoyed by many thanks to our local historical societies.

4. To Mrs. Briggle’s ghost (if she’s out there, so as not to offend, unless she doesn’t exist).

Ghosts are hard to understand. If they don’t talk back, how do you know what they’re thinking? Plus, you have to believe in their existence for them to exist. It’s kind of like religion.

Do YOU like your religion mixed with history? What about church and state?

On that note, here’s an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to Sandy Greenhut and her current cause to keep church and state separate. At the same time we also bestow on Sandy one Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! on behalf of any religion-loving or other-opinion-minded folks whose toes might suffer the wrath of her tirade. (Sandy: The two alerts balance each other out and we love you, for the record.)

Also on Santa’s bad-list is our own Erica Marciniec, whose stocking is filled with Scum Alerts!! Scum Alerts!! for putting out a story about paranormal investigators seeking ghosts in the Briggle House. Though one reader lauded us for “making history come alive,” not all are pleased. Erica, much in a tizzy about the whole thing, sends this toe-massaging letter of apology:

TO the Millions of Summit Up Readers who do not like their ghosts mixed with history: Please, sincerely, accept my apologies for spreading the spooky story of investigators seeking ghosts in the Briggle House around Halloween time. Maybe you don’t believe in ghosts or like the idea of them. Maybe you are a lover of real, fact-based history. Perhaps you even donated some of your time to bring history to life in the Briggle House. I can see how that story might have offended you, and for that I apologize.”

In other news: HEY, MSUR, we have identified and invited and had our offer accepted by a brand new EDITOR (that’s right, we’re getting an editor) based in Georgetown, Texas, who is busy getting his family together and moving here, with plans to start at work in the first week of December. How’s that smack you for solid news everybody’s interested in?

We out.