Summit Up 11-18-12: Where we speculate about No Shave November |

Summit Up 11-18-12: Where we speculate about No Shave November

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily that’s feeling about as charismatic as a pile of rocks. Everyone has those kind of days right?

We’re thinking it’s the November lull. We’re in between any real holidays. We basically have no snow. It’s the calm before the tourist storm and we’re halfway through the month that all of the local dudes think it’s cool to skip on shaving for an entire month.

But No Shave November is something to truly marvel at. As if the thickness of a beard doubles as a ranking system of manliness, watching the accumulation of the lower face mane is hilarious (especially on the more patchy fellas).

Whether you’re inclined to or not, (we most certainly are) or if you’re feeling a little bored, check out where the manliest beard competition is sponsored by Black Beard Rum. Gotta give them credit for that worthy marketing ploy. The winner of this competition receives the mighty “Black Razor” trophy and 1,000 bucks.

Oh and the best part of this competition: The weirder, longer, darker and grungier the beard, the higher the chances of winning. Summit County men, we beckon you to tout your beards!

Did it all start during mud season? November may be the weirdest combination of busy and slow. Did the no-shaving tradition come about to pretty much give men the okay to be lazy? The noble men don’t shave in order to raise awareness for men’s prostate health. Now there’s a nice little spin on breast cancer awareness month.

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“Movember,” which joins the two words mustache and November, is said to have started from philosopher Plato, who believed that in order for a man to be educated properly, he must imitate those who are highly educated, which were bearded men at that time.

The smarter the man, the thicker the beard? The longer the beard, the more the man is feared? Or the longer and thicker the beard the more weird … ? We fall on the side of the latter. We out.

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