Summit Up 11-19-12: Where we need to know more |

Summit Up 11-19-12: Where we need to know more

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that definitely believes, most of the time, less is more. Especially when it comes to things like dental work, traffic and quality time with our mother-in-law.

But we gotta tell ya, folks, there are those rare occasions when less is actually just less. Case in point: the picture above. We’re sure there’s a fantastically interesting story behind this photograph of a small (and obviously confused) land-bound mammal attempting to climb a tree.

Perhaps the goat in question had always dreamed of flight, and decided today was the day to make a go of it. Perhaps the woman in the foreground had just offered him a hot, steaming bowl of our mom’s pea soup and he is (wisely) attempting to escape.

But the world will never know what made that goat decide to try to climb a tree or the date or general location where all of this madness occurred because ALAS it was submitted without a caption.

OK, maybe it’s not as dramatic as all that, but it is a cool pic and it would be nice to get the details.

So when you send us photos, dear reader, please remember to tell us the who, what, where, when and WTF as well.

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