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Summit Up 11-20-09


Special to the DailySummit Sheriff's office deputy Jenkins Franklin bumped into the infamous Dog the bounty hunter dude at Twisted Pine Leather in Breckenridge the other day. No word on what Dog was doing in Breck or whether Sheriff Minor will allow Deputy Franklin to emulate Dog's mega-mullet.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is keeping busy sculpting little figurines out of that gelatinous cranberry-sauce-in-a-can that’s so ubiquitous at this time of year. So far, the sculptures we have peering out of our fridge at us include:• Sarah Palin ‘goin’ rogue’ with a li’l piece of asparagus for a spear• Some Goldman Sachs-looking guy with a li’l bag o’ money; underneath his wingtipped foot is an ‘Average Joe’ clutching a six-pack and a foreclosed mortgage document• Summit County skeleton racing star Katie Uhlaender (go Katie!)• Oprah, wearing a one-piece zip-up suit made entirely of hundred-dollar bills (and believe us, this was not an easy thing to sculpt in cranberry sauce! It took a lot of green food coloring …)Speaking of Oprah! (do you have to always put an exclamation point after her name, or is that just for her show?), we read somewhere that she’s going to stop doing her TV show in 2011, which is apparently big news for some. For us, it’s the equivalent of saying Makoto Nagano (who is a Japanese fisherman often seen on the Japanese game show Sasuke – aka Ninja Warrior) is going to retire in 2014 or something. We don’t care! The only time we’ve ever seen any portion of the Oprah(!) Winfrey (!?) Showˆ was when we went on youtube to watch the bit where Tom Cruise jumped around on her couch (which was excellent). Yep, as workin’ folks, we’re never quite sure who these people are who watch things like Oprah!@# or soap operas. Although now with DVRs we guess you can record it and play it at night and not feel quite so, er, daytime-TV-watchy.Speaking of TV, what shows do Summit Up readers think are cool nowadays? Lately, we’ve been sticking to our regular diet of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report and Smallville (our very guiltiest pleasure) and, of course, Glen Beck (we like it when he weeps). We’ve also been checking out that new Flash Forward show, which is kinda interesting, and we have to watch So You Think You Can Dance to see Summit High grad and choreographer Mandy Moore on there (and we have to admit, the show itself isn’t that bad!).Let us know about your TV pleasures at What show can’t you live without? What show on some random cable channel you’ve never heard of is really cool and needs to be brought to our attention? We gotta know!***OK, speaking of SHS grads, we have here a wedding announcement featuring Tara Kathleen Dunn, who graduated from Summit High in 2001 and was united in domestic partnership with Miranda Anjoli Clark in a celebration in Portland, Ore. Sept. 12. The brides are happily chillin’ there now, since it’s where they live. Here’s what else proud parents Alicia & Peter Dunn had to say:”The celebration took place at the Chelsea Ballroom in Portland, OR and was attended by the brides’ families and friends. Phil and Janelle Kopp of Frisco also attended this “mighty fine shindig.” The brides appreciate all the love and support they have received from their extended families as they feted their domestic partnership (per Oregon state law).”Cool beans! Congrats, ladies, and enjoy life together out there in Portland.Well, it’s the weekend, folks. Go ski or board or tele and purify your soul in the mountain air!

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