Summit Up 11-26-12: Imploring all to do more snow dances |

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Summit Up 11-26-12: Imploring all to do more snow dances

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is still stuffed and tired from a weekend chock-full of alcohol, no fewer than two turkey dinners and heaping helpings of guilt from our mother about how infrequently we visit. Well, Mom, maybe if you made stuffing every weekend we’d be induced to make the trek more often.


SUMMIT UP: Alas, now it’s Monday and there’s a solid month of shopping and stressing to do before we can look forward to another holiday break, so back to work with us.

First order of business is a bit more information about this lovely lady to our right holding all the corn.

MSUR: Yeah, what gives there?

SU: Glad you asked. The pic is from a Ms. Stephanie Burt,, who our sharply honed powers of deduction tell us must be the lady in the picture. She writes thusly:

“We live in Summit Cove and have a greenhouse where I have grown some very sweet corn.”

To which we can only say, well done Stephanie. Perhaps your family enjoyed marginally more sweet corn at their Thanksgiving table than we did. Perhaps you will send us some to sample.

Folks, it’s not very cold outside and it’s certainly not snowing, which can only lead us to believe you have not been doing your prescribed snow dances, and Ullr is displeased. Like a stern dentist admonishing a lazy flosser, we must remind you to do the snow jig at least once a day for health. We out.