Summit Up 11-28-12: Where our hair glistens in the early morning sunshine |

Summit Up 11-28-12: Where our hair glistens in the early morning sunshine

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is still searching for something witty to say.

It seems we’ve run a little dry in the inspiration department. If it wasn’t for the Internet we’d probably be completely bored at work. But even the great Web of whatever it is that makes up the ‘net has its limits. It seems that when you google “What’s cool on the Internet?” you mostly get things that really aren’t all that cool.

Perhaps it is us that is the real problem. Maybe we’ve become too cynical and jaded in our old age.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP: Quit being such a grumpy Gus. You’re bringing us down.

SUMMIT UP: You do have a point there. Never fear, we’ll only endeavor to conjure happy thoughts from here on out today.


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Well, with that we’ll move onto something that is sure to bring a smile to even the most stone-hearted individuals. It seems that during this fine holiday season, for just $10 you can go out into the woods and get your own Charlie Brown-esque Christmas tree.

It so happens that this morning we trudged out into the great abyss (really just the area between the interstate and the rez) and felled a mighty pine. It really was quite the sight to behold. The golden rays of sunshine cascading over our shoulders as we laid the tree asunder with our mighty blows …

MSUR: Really? I think you’ve taken this happy thoughts thing just a little too far. We don’t want to steal your thunder, but really you laid the tree asunder?

SU: Got us. Really we just had a small hand saw. That’s all we got.

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