Summit Up 11-29-12: Ullr, where art thou |

Summit Up 11-29-12: Ullr, where art thou

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that will take as long to read as it takes your coffee to cool down this morning.

We’re in awe recently of all the holiday lights popping up all over the county, but something is missing – lights just don’t glitter quite as nicely without a little snow in the pic.

What are the holidays without mounds of snow? The holiday spirit, thusly, is kicking in a little more slowly this year.

Because of the absence of cheer (and snow), we’ve turned to Ullr for a little advice. When we went on our usual quest for him this morning, in the depths of the White River National Forest, he was no where to be found. This is not like Ullr to blow us off in the morning like that, so it seems Summit County has a real problem:

Ullr, our Nordic snow-bringer is missing. We’re urging all locals to keep an eye out for him in the coming days and to report all clues or information leading to his location to the Summit Daily News tip line.

This is urgent. If we don’t find Ullr, we may have to continue to live the ways the Front Rangers do, the way the Northern Texans do. All sun and no snow makes the county a no-go. Join the search effort. FIND ULLR!! We out.

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