Summit Up 11-3-12: Where the snow is what you make of it |

Summit Up 11-3-12: Where the snow is what you make of it

Summit Up

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is indoors, writing itself, instead of out there on the hill posting sweet tracks down the white ribbon of death, which, despite its ominous moniker, we love (ahem) to death.

We rode A-Basin last Sunday from 2-4 p.m., after spending all day staring at the lift line on the web cam from our computers while we worked. The line started to clear up around 2, and then the sky darkened and the winds kicked up and blew the rest of the Front Rangers back home again, before the sun came out once more and we got the best, best, best runs ever.

Not that we have anything against Front Rangers. We met a friendly bunch on the chairlift, including a couple who hit the slopes after spending the early part of the day playing with firearms at the shooting range. We are just selfish about short lift lines and getting the trail somewhat to ourselves.

We met some local punks on the chair Sunday too, and they were friendly as all get out – not “too cool for school” as you might expect, despite the fact that we ourselves are old and broken half to pieces – on account of that great love for snow sliding that we share.

We in the newsroom think the snow is simply divine right now. Never mind the firm stuff; never mind the bumping up; never mind the straight-liners beelining from the park to the chairlift and the terror we feel when they get too close, overprotective of our new knee as we are.

That’s right, we have a brand new ACL and a sewn-back-together meniscus, which caused us to miss much of last season, so it is extra good to be out riding again. We are fortunate to have such excellent orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists here in the county. We almost think we’d be remiss not to bust a knee, lest we fail to realize how just lucky we really are.

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We are jealous of everybody on the hill right now, and can’t wait to get out to Copper, and Keystone, and soon, Breckenridge, when this work is finally done. Go snowmakers! Do your thing! And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, so be it. We’ll hike a 10-foot patch of snow if we have to.

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