Summit Up 11-30-12: Where we’re admiring lenticular clouds |

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Summit Up 11-30-12: Where we’re admiring lenticular clouds

Frank and Myra Isenhart (Acorn Creek), posing with the Daily in front of Rostral Columns, Neva River bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia. Ten times zones away but never out of touch! Send your Globetrotter pics to

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that sat in awe of Wednesday night’s lenticular clouds for nearly two hours before we realized we had to get back to work and put out a paper for y’all to read.

But seriously, weren’t those clouds A-MAZING? We here at the Summit Up headquarters are blessed with watching the Alpenglow out our eastern windows as we crank into the evening making sure everything is proofed and ready to go for the next day. Sure is nice to have some color to end the day. We weren’t the only ones to notice, either. Everyone gets just a little excited about those lenticulars (we saw a handful of people’s photos here and there). Why’s that? Well, the theory is the mountain wave will bring weather within a few days … even if it’s weak weather … Guess we’ll see!