Summit Up 11-7-12: On a mission to find a soda worth drinking |

Summit Up 11-7-12: On a mission to find a soda worth drinking

Summit Up

Special to the Daily/Jenny Hindorff

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is glad to be done with all the election hullabaloo.

Finally we have the time to focus on truly important matters. Such as posing babies in what appears to be precarious fashion. Just check out this pic sent in recently by Jenny Hindorff of her 9-month-old son, Dustin, hanging out along Sapphire Point.

The little tyke appears to be quite the mountaineer for such a young age. Not wanting to appear that she needlessly endangered her child, Jenny was kind enough to point out that Dustin’s aunt was supporting the little guy from behind. Which we must say is a good idea. Here at the SU World Headquarters we don’t get that much interaction with the youngest of our species, but we imagine that they’re probably not the most well-coordinated.

So if you’ve got a pic of one of your munchkins doing something that looks dangerous (but really isn’t) send it our way at


Changing gears, so we went to grab a soda, pop, beverage, whatever you like to call it, out of the vending machine today and were disappointed to see that we’re still left with only two choices: some artificially lemon-flavored iced tea and lemon-lime soda.

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We’re not necessarily opposed to either of the drinks, it’s just that when you go to the machine for a Coke and you come back with a lemon-lime soda, it feels like a little bit of your soul dies.

Well, maybe it’s not that bad, but it is disheartening nonetheless.

With that we’re out to forage for a more refreshing post-column drink. Maybe we’ll give that lemon-flavored tea a try.

Catch ya on the flip side.

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