Summit Up 11-8-12: Words to live by |

Summit Up 11-8-12: Words to live by

Summit Up

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s hoping we’re unfolded beside a nice, big, free cup of coffee this morning. If you didn’t know, today is “Wake up Breck,” so if you happen to be reading this handy little column before 7 a.m. get your butt in gear and snag one of the free commemorative mugs for Breck’s opening weekend (plus the free cup of Joe that comes with it). Hurry, go!

Speaking of opening weekend, we couldn’t be happier that another ski area in the county is opening up. We really need to spread out the skier traffic just a bit (and snow … snow would be nice).

Where the clouds linger in the sky and don’t do anything, Summit County feels like its transitioning into the winter season – a.k.a. less been heres, more come heres. We’ve been seeing out-of-state license plates popping up more frequently lately.

In other news, for those who have totally been living under a rock, we’ve been compiling a list over here at the Summit Up World Headquarters of useful information from the last couple of weeks that is pertinent to functioning socially in this day and age.

1. Obama secured four more years at the White House – which means another era of Presidential Home Brew: An Obama lager made with honey from hives in the presidential lawn (we wouldn’t pull your leg on this one, it’s true through and through).

2. Peyton Manning has been doing pretty well for the Denver Broncos so far. Would we place our bets on a Super Bowl? Not quite, but the guys in orange and blue and their 5-3 record are stirring up a little excitement ’round these parts.

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3. Last month Manning bought 21 Papa John’s franchises throughout Colorado. Did he have insider info on Amendment 64 passing? What seemed idiotic a month ago now seems quite brilliant actually.

4. After Governor Hickenlooper made his comment about Cheetos and Gold Fish, sales of the two tasty snack items have increased in grocery stores across Colorado.

Hope you’re all up to speed on your current events after this lesson. We out.

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