Summit Up 5-16-12: Geeking out over here |

Summit Up 5-16-12: Geeking out over here

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s been geeking out a little bit this week over the Apple Rumor Mill. See, we’re in the market for a new laptop, and we were wondering if our new Macbook Pro should be purchased now or later, when the new, vastly improved incredibly outrageously awesome model comes out.

Turns out we should wait, and that next month Apple will roll out a new Macbook Pro that’s like 1 mm thick, weighs half an ounce and has a screen resolution so high that you could watch, say, the film Dr. No and count all of Sean Connery’s chest hairs with 99.999 percent accuracy.

Who wouldn’t want that?

As we discovered, there is almost no limit to the blab-o-sphere about Apple products, and the guessing game about the new Macbook Pro extends to one site actually having mock-ups of what it’ll look like – down to the detail of where the power button will be.

That’s some serious geeking out! And while we hate to be slaves to the whole consumer thing and Apple cult, we have to say that since we spend like 23 hours a day on a computer and since our drug of choice is Mac, well, what are we to do? We don’t want to make some kind of stand and work on an old Mac II or something (although we’re pretty sure our IT guys have piles of them and more recent vintages in a warehouse somewhere).

Also coming in the next several months (after September, we hear) is a whole new website for Along with this is a super-snazzy new cloud-based “CMS” for your loyal newsroom team. That’s an acronym for “content management system,” and basically it means we’ll be spending a little less time managing content and more time either creating it or sitting around eating bon-bons and beef jerky. We can’t wait, to tell you the truth, cuz you don’t know this but we spend a lot of time cutting and pasting stuff from our current CMS into the software that drives our website, and it’s ridiculously inefficient. Hoo boy, the stories we could tell! Why, one time …

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MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: We don’t give a crap about your software.

SU: Oh, right, of course. Howzabout more description about the new Mac laptop? Did you know it won’t have an optical drive, and maybe not even an ethernet port? Holy cow!

MSUR: You’re killing us.

SU: OK, moving on …


Well, look at that – outta room already! Have a great Wednesday, Summit County !

We out.

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