Summit Up 9-26-12: Move along, nothing to see here |

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Summit Up 9-26-12: Move along, nothing to see here

Special to the DailyLongtime Summit locals John and Kathye Conti celebrating their 32nd (WOW!) anniversary with their kids, Ashley and Adam, somewhere on a boat near a lighthouse recently. Any guesses? Hint: They grew up in New Jersey, moved to Summit in November 1979.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has nothing to say and no room to say it in.

Anybody ever wonder what culture or group of people is credited with dividing the day and night into 24 hours? It’s not exactly the kind of question we sit around and ask each other here at the Summit Up Corporate Suites, but it came to us the other morning in an email from a colleague. After racking our collective brains for a good five minutes we gave up and googled it. Turns out the it was the Egyptians. So there you go, learn something new every day. We out.