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Summit Up: Weather, the world of high finance and beyond

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s counting down the days until 2013. That’s right, we’re just itchin’ to ring it in. There are only 73 more days of 2012. Make the most of them.

Now transitioning in no way, shape or form, we have this very clever poem sent in to us by Mr. Tom Tomlin from Silverthorne. Without further ado, Tomlin writes:

Whether the Weather is Nice

or Whether the Weather is Not

The Weather is, what the Weather is

Whether you like it or Not!

Brilliant! And speaking of the weather, it’s been pretty chilly as of late. It’s that time of the year, we guess.

Oct. 19 is a pretty special day in history. Here’s a quick list of big events that have happened today in years past.

> 1987 – “Black Monday” – Dow Jones down 508.32, four times the previous record.

> 1963 – Beatles record “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

OK, so those events weren’t that big, unless you just love the “Fab Four” or you had a solid financial portfolio. We here at the SU Corporate Suites feel that our portfolio remains strong to fairly strong.

That’s about all we got. Happy Friday!