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Suwinski: A few other ‘meeting people’ opportunities

I thought Micaela Gilchrist’s column on how newcomers could meet people in Summit County was great. I’d like to add a few other “meeting people” opportunities.

As a volunteer at Arapahoe Basin for several years (and Keystone and Copper before that), as well as volunteering with the Keystone Adaptive Center (a program of the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center – BOEC), I can say that there is no greater opportunity to meet a wide variety of people, with similar yet diverse interests, than thru volunteer efforts.

I’ve developed good friends and had many interesting associations through volunteer programs. I can’t think of a better group of people to get to know than people who are willing to give a bit of themselves so others can enjoy our great county.

I’ve loved my “meet-and-greet” activities at A-Basin (it lets my “inner self” come out as I greet A-Basin guests!).

My activities with the Keystone Adaptive Center often leave me with the feeling that I’ve received more than I gave at the end of a ski day with a young (disabled) child, or even an adult, who would not have been able to ski without my assistance as a volunteer.

There are many great volunteer programs in Summit County, and the ones I’ve mentioned are only a few, but they are ones that offer outdoor winter volunteer activities as the fast-approaching ski season begins.

Almost every program has a website. Surf the net by googling “Summit County volunteer organizations,” and you will see a plethora of opportunities.

Calling each ski area will get you to the right department to answer your volunteer questions.

For Keystone Adaptive/BOEC, go to and click on the volunteer tab.

Craig Suwinski, Keystone