Suwinski: Motorcycles on Tenderfoot Mountain public meeting on Thursday |

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Suwinski: Motorcycles on Tenderfoot Mountain public meeting on Thursday

On Thursday, Dec. 6 at 5:30 p.m. in the Dillon Town Hall there is a special meeting of the Snake River Planning Commission to consider the U.S. Forest Service’s proposal to create a 21 to 26-plus mile motorcycle and four-wheel vehicle trail system on Tenderfoot Mountain.

Tenderfoot Mountain is the mountain north of Highway 6 (overlooking Lake Dillon), behind Corinthian Hills, the Dillon Cemetery and adjacent to the county recycling area.

The Forest Service’s review has been ongoing for years with public meetings, and many concerns expressed about the location of the proposed motorized system so close to residential areas.

The Forest Service report states that this location was focused on because of its history of motorized use, a use which has been largely illegal in the past

The Forest Service didn’t have the resources to police the illegal cutting of new trails into the landscape by illegal use. On a site visit with county commissioners and Forest Service representatives about three years ago, trails made by motorcycles or other off-road vehicles were clearly seen in a fern, well off any “legal” motorized trail. See the Summit Daily article:

Thursday’s meeting seeks input from those most immediately affected by the Forest Service proposal, the residents in the valley below the proposed motorcycle track: Dillon, Summerwood, Corinthian Hills, Summit Cove, and the western end of Keystone Resort.

This meeting is being held because the Forest Service released their Draft Environmental Assessment for public review and comment on November 15th. Their 30-day public comment period ends Dec. 15. Additional information is available on the Forest Service website at:


If you are unable to attend, please email comments to Kate Berg: Thank you

Craig Suwinski, chairman Snake River Planning Commission, Keystone