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Tackaberry: Conservatives starting to take note

Stace Tackaberry, Breckenridge

Boy, with yesterday’s column, the shadow over Mr. Liddick’s face is getting darker each week.

His obviously sour grapes, gloom and doom, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it piece, completely ignores a number of critical facts as to why the Republicans did rather poorly nationwide in the recent election. With an economy rebounding slowly and unemployment in the high 7s, whipping our incumbent president should have been a gimme for the Repubs. However, what those of Mr. Liddick’s ilk seem to overlook is that the Republicans have alienated just about every constituency there is, save white men and evangelical Christians. Sadly, not a big tent. And yet, Mr. Liddick points the finger at “those who wanted nothing more than that the gravy train continue to roll” and the Democrats who he claims “shoveled a mountain of taxed and borrowed money onto their partisans, cronies and hangers-on.”

He overlooks the over-the-top, strident “self-deportation,” anti-immigrant outbursts during the Republican primary process (when the candidates vied for who could out extreme-right each other) which clearly alienated Latinos (hardly known for being lazy slackers), the fastest growing minority in the country. Then, of course, there was the Virginia mandatory trans-vaginal probes proposed by the “those who want to keep government out of our lives” crowd, the U.S. Senatorial candidates who think that woman produce fluids to negate pregnancies resulting from rape and that rape-pregnancies are a gift from God, which undoubtedly disaffected the majority of the fairer sex. And, let’s not forget the estrangement of the LBGT community by the Republicans vociferous stance on who can marry whom, again by the party which insists that government stay out of our lives. And, not to mention, the youth vote, which went overwhelmingly for the president.

Well, blame away Mr. Liddick whilst your Grand Old Party becomes The Grand Old Past unless it does something to recognize the present and the future. I have, however, noted that since November 6th some reasoned conservatives have started to take note. I, for one, am glad to see it..

Stace Tackaberry, Breckenridge

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