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Temby: HD 61 House Representative race has five candidates, not 3

Ellen Temby

Over the last several weeks, there have been many letters to the editor regarding the race for this office. In each, there have been references to “3” candidates for HD 61. There are 5. The unmentioned candidates are Robert Petrowsky, American Constitution Party, and Ellen Temby, the Libertarian candidate. Each of the five individuals is qualified to run, and is on the ballot. Ask yourself, why are the writers who are stumping for either the Republican or Democrat candidate “ignoring” two qualified candidates? This race is not the only time this is happening. Are you aware there are 16 candidates for president? Most people are not aware of this fact, since the media only discuss Romney and Obama. How long will the American people stand to be corralled towards only two political parties? It’s high time that we demand that every candidate for every office across the United States be given equal coverage in the media and access to the debates. On election day, be brave and vote for real change. Research the candidates. Vote for those who mirror your beliefs, all of them. Don’t get sucked into voting either Republican or Democrat. There is so much more available.

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