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Terry W. Donze: Man not the culprit

Terry W. Donze

Tim Lydon, like many others who see the climate changing around us, is the one in denial, thinking that natural forces and the sun couldn’t possibly be changing the earth, that it’s all man’s fault. It is obvious that he has not studied the science, because if he had perhaps he would sign the OISM’s (Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine) petition, something that over 32,000 other scientists have done, disavowing that man is the culprit.

Tim is correct that carbon dioxide does have some effect on temperatures, albeit extremely minor and decreasing with increasing concentrations. In fact, the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere right now are at a point such that any additional increase will have almost zero effect.

Here is a URL for a 10-minute video titled Unstoppable Solar Cycles, that I encourage Tim, the other editors at Summit Daily, and the rest of your readers to view: http://bit.ly/aTRjD

It will show you some history of climate change, prior to the industrial era.

As for economics, Tim should think about using one of environmentalism’s infamous ideas, the Precautionary Principle. Before attempting to change the climate by hamstringing and shutting down our vital industries, we should use the Precautionary Principle, using caution that we do not destroy our economy by tilting at windmills.

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