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Thank you Grand Vacations

Naturopathic doctors Justin Pollack and Kim Nearpass at Mountain-River Naturopathic Clinic would like to extend a hearty thank you to the owners and staff at Breckenridge Grand Vacations. They put on the most successful wellness fair we have attended to date! It was great to be included not only in the health fair for their employees, but to be part of a larger “wellness plan” that is inclusive of so many wellness therapies. Given the discounts employees and their families get for screenings, bloodwork, and the coverage their plan gives for yoga, pilates, recreation center passes, ski passes, and naturopathic clinic care alongside the usual medical coverage – BGV has one of the most comprehensive wellness plans we have seen. Hopefully this will translate into great savings for BGV, as they are encouraging employees to be truly healthy.

The “passport” that each person carried around to qualify for their prize, really worked at getting people to visit booths and strike up conversations about health and wellness that quickly became meaningful. The food choices were great. Overall, a great health fair, and it’s gratifying to see Breckenridge Grand Vacations giving such wonderful services to their employees!”