Thanks from family of Don Peterson |

Thanks from family of Don Peterson

The family of Don Peterson would like to express their gratitude to everyone. This community we live in is unbelievable. First and foremost, thank you to Dr. Elizabeth Winfield, your compassion with Dad over the years was unwavering. No wonder he was always looking forward to seeing you! Thank you to Jeff Berino and his team, Frisco detective Julie Pauley, Frisco officer Jeff Skole, Frisco sargent Amet for the meals and hugs that day. Sheriff John Minor for stopping by. Special thanks to Bobby Kato, Bobby Starko and Jason Roberts you are amazing friends! Chris Coleman, Bruce Hodson, Rob Mitchell, Pooh and Ray Bishop, Kevin Williams you have been lifelong friends; thank you for all your hard work and generosity. Jim Cox, Ken Rice and Dr. Tim Keeling thank you for your compassion during a very trying time, and last but not least to Rachel Trattler and Helen Carter for being our lifeline full of love and support and awesome food! Thank you to all who attended the celebration, we truly feel blessed!

The Don Peterson Family,

Jane, Bryan, Donna, Lyn, Dave, Katherine, Ashley and Whitney

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