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The dance of ‘Dracula’

Ballet and Dracula? It may seem counterintuitive, and indeed, you won’t see any delicate dancers; instead, the Colorado Ballet transforms its well-trained ensemble into seductive vampires, maddened mental patients and the motley undead.

“Dracula” is based on Bram Stoker’s gothic horror, and brought to life in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, it’s eerie and haunting. In fact, it may be a little too much for children; hooded figures, screeching undead and unstable patients in a sanitarium may cause tears or nightmares.

But if you’re looking for a blood-curling good time (with a beautiful, waltzing party thrown in), this Colorado Ballet is for you. The scenes are amazing, the movements flow sensually and the dancers are spectacular. Their ability to act out the roles through movement will sometimes make you forget there are classically trained bodies underneath layers of villager clothing.

“While it does demonstrate the dancers’ classical technique, there is also a great deal of focus on characterization, music and costumes,” said artistic director Gil Boggs. “These elements, coupled with (Michael) Pink’s mesmerizing and sensual choreography makes it seem much more like a theatrical production and offers something completely distinctive and in a class of its own.”

The Colorado Ballet brought back “Dracula” this year by audience request; it last revived the production in 2007, after debuting it in Denver in 2001.