The Psychonauts play Alma’s Only Bar tonight |

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The Psychonauts play Alma’s Only Bar tonight

Special to the DailyLet the Psychonauts take you on a musical journey Friday night

The Boulder-based Psychonauts play a free show at Alma’s Only Bar ( tonight at 9:30 p.m. Here’s what band members had to say:

A term to describe the spiritually inclined that like to journey through space and the mind to find self-discoveries and revelations about our existence.

We call it psychedelic soul rock with some spacey jazz fusion mixed in.

Hmm, that’s a tough one. Maybe like a cross between coonhound and Lassie. Loud, but pretty.

Eh, sort of like Jimi meets Radiohead

Well we have all spent 20 plus years on our instruments, and study and practice constantly. It’s sort of a show of virtuosic musicianship, without compromising soul. Amidst a music scene of bluegrass, folk and acoustic-based – or the converse, fully electronic – music, we are trying to maintain that vintage electric, but not electronic, vibe. We still love all the sounds we all grew up on, but we like to take it to a different place.

Foot tapping, or space and time traveling.