Thomas: A sad, cynical defeat of gun laws |

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Thomas: A sad, cynical defeat of gun laws

Despite being supported by 90 percent of voters, the U.S. Senate, with archaic rules that meant that a simple majority does not win, defeated simple steps to increase the effectiveness of background checks to stop sales to felons, mentally ill applicants and others. It would not, as the duplicitous NRA stated, add existing gun owners to a nationwide database or any other impediment to lawful gun owners. The gutless GOP folded because of their fear of the lying gun lobby. For those who would say that background checks will not prevent more carnage I say, as our president did today, that if we save just one child, just one mother or father, the effort would not be wasted. Finally, there was a time when the NRA did support background checks. They make no effort to understand the other side in this debate.

Ted Thomas, Breckenridge