Thomas: Romney will stop at nothing |

Thomas: Romney will stop at nothing

Ted Thomas

Re: “Can’t afford 4 more years,” by Dortha McNaul, letters, Nov. 1

It’s okay to vote against the president. You can even harbor an intense dislike of the man. But to send a letter where every point is either an out and out lie or, at best a gross distortion. You must realize when you listen to Rush or read assorted websites that you are not reading the unvarnished truth. The worst point was that Mr. Obama chants prayers from the Koran every morning. When will you and others who doubt his birthplace and his religious beliefs please realize that it you were right about this the Koch Brothers and others would spend millions of dollars to publish the facts. If they existed. Must be the time as the election nears that the GOP reaches for more lies. Romney running a commercial about Jeep and China that is totally and completely untrue. He wants the office so bad that he will stop at nothing to win. Thank heavens it will all be over in five days.

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