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timeforcake: An oldie but goodie site & 4 links

Erin Pheilspecial to the daily

Do you remember that 1990s movie Space Jam? Yeah, I don’t really remember it either. Here’s a quick recap for you: Space Jam is a movie from 1996 in which Michael Jordan agrees to help a bunch of Looney Tunes characters play a game of inter-galactic basketball.Why am I telling you this?Because the original 1996 movie site for Space Jam is still live! Yes, you read that correctly. The 16-year-old website is still alive and kicking and every bit as entertaining as you’d expect. It’s pure 1990s website awesomeness, complete with red text on a black background, confusing navigation, frames, lots of instructions to click on images you didn’t even know were links, and a repeating background that was surely designed to produce headaches and hurt visitors’ eyes.Go ahead. Have some fun right here: http://tinyurl.com/n66zbz

1. http://tinyurl.com/af36b9n – Does your company’s marketing strategy include sending out email newsletters? If so, you could be making a monumental email marketing mistake. It’s an easy fix, so make sure you read this extremely short blog post to prevent this mistake from making its way out to your prospects and customers.2. http://waterlife.nfb.ca – You just don’t see as many all-Flash websites these days. This one, generously shared by Marie Orlin (thanks Marie!), is a promotional site for the WaterLife documentary; it’s quite well done and very interactive. Just like the film does, the site focuses on educating visitors as to why the Great Lakes are so important to us all and how disturbing changes like disappearing fish and mysterious toxins are threatening this critical natural resource.3. http://tinyurl.com/ahzlyy9 – Twine will text you when bad things (think frozen pipes or flooded basement or teenage daughter sneaking out at night) happen. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention: Twine is a rubber block. Yep, that’s right. Twine is a rubber block that runs on two AA batteries and boasts temperature, vibration, and orientation sensors that email you when trouble’s afoot. Twine has two models: Standard Twine and Twine with magnetic door and window sensors. The former runs $99 and the latter $134.4. http://tinyurl.com/b6d3mz4 – Discover a a simple, easy to implement technique for guiding your website visitors’ eyes toward your Web pages’ most important areas.Erin Pheil is the owner of timeforcake creative media – the Web Design & Strategy company voted #1 in Best of Summit. Visit the timeforcake website at http://www.timeforcake.com or email Erin at erin@timeforcake.com.

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