Todd ‘TJ’ Johnson: Energy and the free market |

Todd ‘TJ’ Johnson: Energy and the free market

Todd 'TJ' Johnson

I believe Mr. Liddick makes some great points in his column. First: Xcel is a monopoly, and that citizens have no other alternative for electricity. Thank goodness that it is regulated by a governing body that can impose rules on mandating the use of renewable energy. Mr. Liddick, which ever way anyone falls on the debate on the impact that humans have on global warming, I believe every Xcel customer understands the benefit of taking action to accept responsibility for being stewards of this beautiful world we have the privilege to live on. I doubt that Xcel would have come to this conclusion on their own.

Second: The state Legislature did indeed not fail in their commitment to require Xcel to provide more wind and solar energy, which is “free” energy in itself. Wow – a government agency that does not fold over from a special interest? What a concept! It is apparent that Americans are creating better and cheaper ways of harnessing this energy. Also, through government grants and money, Xcel compensates customers who install solar panels on their property, saving money for the customer. Just another example of government getting in the way of the free-market.

Third: Mr. Liddick refers to Coloradans as being practical. He is right on with this summation, as Coloradans can respond to the increased rates from Excel in this “free-market” in being more aware of the amount of electricity we use, and thus finding ways to reduce our consumption (leaving lights on, installing motion-activated porch lights, etc.)

Finally, thank god we can regulate Excel, as oppose to the Denver Water Dictatorship, who closes roads and raises rates when water use is lowered by practical Coloradans.

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