Tonight, holistic health on display in Summit County |

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Tonight, holistic health on display in Summit County

Tonight, learn about how the transcendental meditation technique works, and how its practice is meant to dissolve stress and improve mental and physical functioning.

An introductory talk on the technique is being presented by local Scott Mclean, who teaches the program in Summit County, as part of a new wellness speaker series sponsored by Harmony Health and Massage in Breckenridge.

“The community outreach that I’ve had has been mostly just yoga classes, but there’s so much amazing information available to us as a public as far as wellness and alternative medicine,” said Inanna Hall, owner and main therapist at Harmony. “For people who understand and are open to these ideas, we want to give them free resources.”

The series consists of seven more presentations after tonight’s, including: a lesson on Sai Maa Diksha, a technique that allows light to flow to the recipient’s brain; a session on transformational breath, a breathing technique that helps to open up your respiratory system and integrate old emotional patterns; and how to transform anxiety into calm confidence, since anxious patterns can lead to illness and disharmony.

“The uniqueness and the sincerity of the intent of this has been building in me for a year,” Hall said, who enlisted the help of practitioners from around the county to plan the series.

Mclean’s presentation tonight, at Meta Yoga Studio in Breckenridge, will include an explanation and history of the transcendental technique – a form of meditation – how it works, the benefits and the goals.

“During this practice, mental activity settles down naturally to its quietist state, ‘pure consciousness,’ the full creative potential of the mind. In this state the brain is maximally coherent, while the body is experiencing deep rest, dissolving accumulated stress,” Mclean wrote of the practice. “Its ability to calm the mind and energize the body is an ideal complement to today’s supercharged lifestyles, especially for those of us living in the mountains.”

Hall hopes that the tonight’s presentation, and the others in the series, will help those interested learn about the benefits of holistic health.

“These types of teachings help us find our own balance,” she said.

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