US Forest Service to conduct boundary surveys near Breck |

US Forest Service to conduct boundary surveys near Breck

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SUMMIT COUNTY – The Forest Service will locate and mark about 100 miles of boundaries between the White River National Forest and private land this summer and next.Crews will work within the Golden Horseshoe and other areas between Hoosier Pass and the southern tip of Dillon Reservoir to clearly identify the forest’s exact borders as the Forest Service prepares for forest-health projects related to the mountain-pine-beetle epidemic. “It is all a part of being a good neighbor,” said Wyman Bontrager, forest land surveyor for the White River National Forest. “In the absence of good fences, good boundary surveys and marking make for good neighbors.”According to Bontrager, most Forest Service surveying projects involve about a mile or 2 of boundary work.”In this case, because of the great impact in the area, they’ve requested to have all the boundaries identified,” he said.A typical survey crew will have about three people, and an ATV will be the largest piece of equipment involved. Bontrager expects to have five or six crews working in the area. The Forest Service has contracted E. Schaaf & Associates to survey the property boundaries. Crews will mark and post the boundaries with yellow and black signs.During the course of the survey, workers will need to locate boundary corners that control the property boundary lines.”Some of the controlling corners may be located on private lands adjacent to the boundaries. The Forest Service would like to encourage landowners in this area to provide reasonable access to survey crews,” Bontrager said.Any questions related to the land surveys may be directed to Bontrager at (970) 945-3283.Julie Sutor can be reached at (970) 668-4630 or

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